So, Bats hasn't been in-world for about a week and a half, and I have had no contact at all with him since last Sunday. I am starting to wonder if he is still alive or not.

And, of course, him being gone is starting to take it's toll on me. I am suddenly bored with Second Life, and have tried to keep my interests in making poses and going to fashion shows. However, I haven't really done much of anything else. Yes, I am still around, but without Bats - I don't seem to have motivation to change my avatar's clothing for the next day, or shop for new things.

So, I have been looking into other virtual worlds. Such as The Sims 2. I played the original The Sims several years ago, and was totally obsessed with building houses and killing the neighbors off. I personally liked locking one of the people in a box with only a grille until it eventually caught on fire). I had all the expansion packs - Makin' Magic, Vacation, Unleashed... the list goes on, but when The Sims 2 came out, I attempted to build my house and got totally pissed that I couldn't build from a birds eye view, so it went in the closet to never return... or so I thought.

My point? Well, I was looking at a website, and was shocked at the houses and the sim you can create in The Sims 2. It reminds me quite a bit of Second Life, but without the real people and you have no tier. It seems The Sims 2 have improved so much from the original sims that I was so used to. I think as a way to defer my attention from Bats' absence I will start playing The Sims 2 until he returns.... whenever that may be.

But, I will continue to come in-world to answer customer service notecards, attend the occasional fashion show, and update Imperial Elegance. I actually have a "Winged" pose set that I finished for Thursday's release - I just need to get in the photosphere and take pictures so I can make ads.