Bats told me he was leaving Second Life a few days ago. I was okay while he told me, but it really hit me hard when I was taking my stuff back into inventory - because he wants to sell the little beach paradise we shared. I had tried to write this blog post a few days ago, but it was surprisingly difficult to do. Now that I am over the initial shock of it - it seems to be a bit better.

The thought of leaving Second Life was on my mind, I can't deny that at all. Without Bats there, I can't bring myself to even look cute anymore. The motivation is gone. However, the realization hit me shortly after, that I have way too much real money in this virtual world, and leaving really isn't much of an option anymore. I think as much as it hurts, I will remain in Second Life and continue to do what I do... write fashion reviews, shop and run Imperial Elegance.


We will miss our rezzdays, which were coming up next month (BTW, Sorry I missed your party, Cecille! Happy late rezzday to you! :D ). We had planned to spend them together, and actually get married on July 7th, one year after we became partners. But no.... not anymore. I will, however, keep him in my profile labeled as my partner, for as long as he will allow me to. Because, even if he is gone from SL, I still consider Bats to be Sai's virtual partner.

I don't think I have the courage to say much of anything else, because as much as I tried not to get attached to someone through a virtual world, it was my mistake that I actually did.

I will switch gears now and talk about something non-SL related. The Sims 2. I have taken a liking to playing this, and seems to be my refuge away from Second Life. It really blows me away how great the sims look, and how hawt the pixel men are :D I figured out you can pose the sims, and I snapped this picture of my favorite sims family in their underwear while they were in their vacation home XD :

The Sims 2 in Underwear :D

My RL family always comes up behind me while I am playing and asks: "What is wrong with that guy's skin?! He's grey!" -.- And every single time, I'm like: "but he's hot, so shhhh." XD This is actually quite an older picture of the two sims, Sai and Chad. Since this was taken, they have had a child together that has recently turned into a toddler. o.O

And omg - when that child was born, it was the funniest looking thing ever. I had to hack the game to change the appearance of him, so he wouldn't get teased in school later. XD Yay for virtual plastic surgery! :D

I will try not to be such a downer anymore, after this post. I felt I needed to get this out of my system, and I feel better now that I wrote it all down :D