Hey all, this blog will probably be having a spaz attack today, because I will be changing the layout, colors and images around. I will try to get it looking somewhat normal by the end of today.

So just in case some things look a bit weird today - I am in the process of fixing them. ^.^

[EDIT 3:40PM] Yay! I've finished updating the layout. The main colors and images are replaced, though I am positive I've missed a few. I will fix them when I come across them. ^.^

The main reason for the layout change is because of the annoying Second Life trademark policy. I have added the little 'R' symbol in the header, so I won't have to add it to every post. so, I will have that taken care of. I figured while I was in there editing the header, I may as well update it. Then after I decided that, I was suddenly hit with a "I hate everything in this layout" phase.... therefore, it all changed.

If you've seen me in-world, you've probably noticed I wear a lot of black. So, for my personal blog, I wanted something to reflect that. I've also been wanting to use some Second Life scenery in my headers, but really wasn't sure how to incorporate that and a picture of me together. I was determined this time though. When I decided I wanted a black theme, and a scenery picture - there was obviously only one place to go. TheAbyss! Its stunning, and totally reminds me of Kingdom Hearts 2 (which is sooo me!). The previous one (with me doing random poses I made) was a bit unpersonal, forced together and boring. I think this one looks tons better.

And, it's probably also important to note the change of the blog name. I wasn't really sure if "Sai's Virtual Life" was against the blogging rules, so I thought I'd better be safe than sorry. II mulled over it for a few hours last night, and thought "Sai's Random Bloggage" would probably fit the best. I mean, this was meant to be more like a sight-seeing blog when I started, but just became a place for me to post randomness. So, with a name like this - I am free to post all kinds of stuffs. ^.^ And, it doesn't have any of the illegal words, so I think I am good.