WTF is with Second Life lately? The amount of problems are becoming insane, and I can't even seem to do anything anymore. I am almost to the point where I don't log in anymore. Almost. But, since I can't log in - I figure its a great time to post about something I've been meaning to.

So, there has been a smaller, empty lot behind Bats' and my SL home that I have been considering buying. Its 4096sq meters, and I have been really wanting to make some kind of relaxing, park area thing to do inventory organizing. Apparently, Bats' wanted one too, because he proceeded to purchase it despite my screaming not to. -.-

While I was initially mad at him... ok, so I TRIED to be mad, but it didn't work very well. We went shopping for a tiki hut thing, and I started my decorating. :D Ready for some pictures?!


My most favorite thing about this land, and what initially drew me to it - was this little bay area thingie. I love it. I wanted waves, but because the land was so close to the sim border (probably like, 5 meters at most), most waves wouldn't work. But after we seen these amazing waves (surfable with particle spray!), yus, I *HAD* to have them. I was worried they wouldn't fit, but luckily they did! ^.^ They look so perfect on the beach.

Surf Boards

And what would waves be without surf boards? I love the designs of these boards. I'll bet you can't tell which of the two is mine :P

In the Hut

I made that furniture and the sculpted fire! Yus, I even made the sculpties! :D I am so proud. I also added a light and a nice fire sound to the fire. I also picked up some ambient nature sounds from Straylight to add to the land. It sounds very relaxing. Oh! There is a cute 1 prim sculpted owl that hoots at night ^.^

Furniture Poses

Though, I didn't make the poses. One chair has a single feminine pose, and the other has a cute couple's pose. ^.^


And, this post wouldn't be complete without an almost full land picture. I love this land - its so relaxing. :D