Whoa, I haven't been in world all afternoon or night today! O_O I have been completely obsessed with The Sims 2, and was playing and downloading custom content for the majority of today XD

I tell you, The Sims have come a long way since I played it waaayyy back when it was just The Sims. I am totally in love with The Sims 2 now, even if I can't get the hang of the camera controls. I keep wanting to Alt-Zoom into myself to get pictures but... well... that doesn't seem to work -.-

Sai Pennell and Hana in The Sims 2

Anyway. I got a sim and a pet for her! :D Omg, this picture took me 45 full minutes to do because I still can't get the hang of the camera. *sigh* I created a family of a dog and a woman... with hopes of finding that perfect pixel man-sim. I have always wanted a golden retriever IRL, but my allergies kill me, so they have never been an option. But when I saw this dog in The Sims - I did a "OMG! I WANT!" .... and that was that. ^.^

And of course, I needed me a man sim filled with pixel hawtness to drool over... so,you know what I had to do. I got a guy sim! And you guessed it - he's totally hot.

Sai Pennell and Chad in The Sims 2

I made him (named Chad) just for fun, but.... he's just too adorable. I might try to get him and the female sim together - so I put pictures of them side by side. Pretty cute, no? ^.^

I am still trying to figure the game out - so much has changed since the first version TT_TT