I'm trying to blog more, can't you tell? ^^ So, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I mentioned I wanted pink furniture and a giant fluffy bunny for my little skybox workspace. And! After a few hours of saying "I wuub yooos" to the partner... he finally gave up and let me get them! Yay!


At first he wasn't sure, and wanted to see the furniture set I had in mind. Of course, I prepared in advance, and tp'ed him to the place with pink furniture. He didn't seem to mind the color, but noted that the poses suck. I agree, but... really, I stand on a pose stand all day, and have no interest in sitting on a couch. But still, he had to try every single pose, and made me pose with him. Well, I bought it anyway. And he doesn't ever come up to the workspace unless I ask him to, so there really is no need for poses. I'd take all the poseballs out if I could to save on prims, but, well... its no mod. Which sucks, because I'd love to even put my own animations in there.

I wanted a fur rug to put under the table, and tried to remember where I seen one. During CSR, I remembered seeing rugs at a particular place called Creamshop. They had tons of rugs, but not fur, as I originally wanted. I got a set of them anyway, thinking it would grow on me, but after seeing it under the furniture, I still preferred the fur. So, I hit up SLExchange, and found the perfect one. It was $200L, and came with a cuddle pose. I took off the cuddle pose, and only used the rug... its exactly what I wanted! No nekos or furries were harmed in the making of the rug :P


As for the next thing I wanted... I actually *guiltily* bought even before asking him. My finger acted on its own, I swear! So, I call him Fluffeh. Its short for "My Fluffeh Bunneh". ^^ I seen this around the grid for a while, but really only decided I wanted one during the Creators Stamp Rally. A small kitty arm attachment was a prize, and I got it. It was so cute! Now I got meself a giant bunneh. ^^

I am utterly in shock of the things Bats lets me rez on the land sometimes. Like, everything I ever wanted, he didn't have a problem with. If he had told me he wanted a giant bunny... I'd have looked at him like he was nuts. And pink furniture? Yeah, that would just be weird.

I sooo love my little workspace. Even when I received the notice from Illusions about their retirement sale today, I didn't want to leave! Though, I did will myself to go, and picked up some amazing masks for very cheap!