I swear, I have the worst luck with buying formal gowns. I have previously had an issue with a Nicky Ree gown, when the package was missing the glitch pants, and I was told I was wrong. I bought a dress from Sparkle Skye, and had pretty much the same issue.


I have bought a beautiful stunning gown from her before, called the Celestial Wedding Gown in blue, and I love it very much. I had no issues when buying this gown, which is the only reason why I went back to her for another.

So, I purchased the beautiful Winter Jewel gown. Now, let me just say, I am not fond of the "sparkle" options, so I wanted non-sparkle pieces. They were included in the Celestial gown, so I assumed they would be included with the Winter Jewel. Well, two important pices I wanted only came with sparkle options. Usually, that wouldn't be a problem, I would just slip a no-bling script in the piece and be done with it. However, these were no mod.


So, I sent a quick IM to Sparkle Skye, thinking the lack of no sparkle pieces was a mistake. She sent me a more organized folder, telling me that they should be in there. Nope. I IM'ed her again, apologizing the entire time, saying that they are not in there. After being told that she was busy, and dealing with something else, I was done. I spent almost $8000L in her shop that day... perhaps I am just self-centered, and my customer service views are screwy, but I think it was quite important that I be helped as soon as possible. I got one piece over 4 hours later, and the second piece over 7 hours later. Seriously, is it that difficult to just take the bling off something? Or give me mod pieces so I can take care of it myself?

*Sigh* Through all this, I also found one of the fur tiaras that was labeled no sparkle, but did in fact, have it. Though, I dare not ask about that. But, in the end, I did get the pieces I asked for, so that was good. It is a beautiful gown, and I love it... but I really didn't like the service I got.


I was actually inspired to buy that gown because of Alienbear Gupte's amazing Miss SL Universe jewelry set! Isn't it stunning?! And, I have talked to Alienbear on a few occasions, she is totally sweet, and has amazing customer service ^^