Evolutions Museum - 00

I bought a pro flickr account! That means, I can take tons of pictures of my virtual adventures and not worry about hosting space! Yayz! I tested my new account by visiting the Evolutions Museum and taking as many pictures as I could. This museum was quite cool because it shows how things in SL have improved since the beginning. Pretty amazing.

Evolutions Museum - 16

Ok, I am strictly a Camaro girl, and love my '88 Camaro Iroc/z28 IRL, so Mustangs are bad news for me. :P But, I have to admit, this prim Mustang was indeed pretty darn cool.

Evolutions Museum - 07

One of most interesting exhibits for me was this. I like the idea here, very interesting.

I did take tons more pictures, but blogger would dislike me if I posted them all here. So, check them out on flickr, if you are interested!

SLURL: Evolutions Museum, Arcana (220, 102, 23)