I have been using a sky platform from my MystiTool to do my work from. My photosphere and pose stand was rezzed 700 meters off the ground above Bats' and my house. I spend the majority of my day up in that box, taking pictures, editing prims, and all that... so it gets boring just looking out at the sky all day long. I asked the partner if I could put a specific skybox up for my picture taking and stuff - surprisingly, he agreed ^^


I was sooooo worried that my Photosphere would not fit! I made sure the skybox was mod/copy before I purchased it, in case I had to make a second floor, or something. But, it shocked me to see that it barely fit without any modifications! I took off the ramp and the rail thing from the sphere, to give me more room in the rest of the skybox. Turned out pretty well, I think.


Yeah, this little set up is just temporary, I hope. I need to butter up Bats before I ask him if I can decorate with a Tangram bunny and pink sculptie furniture. O.O But, I have my pose stand and a little random bean bag chair.


I love my little skybox workshop. It is so adorable and quite inspiring. I almost never want to leave it! Especially the window! I chose Australia, because I'm not sure I would like to look through the windows at the World Trade Center in the original NY1 Skybox. Now... if only Bats would come online so I can ask about some furniture... *crosses fingers*