Shhh~ don't tell Bats I bought this! I'm really having a blast decorating this area with the random things that I love. I had a kotatsu in my first place in Cherry Tree Rentals, and carried it over to our mainland in Flounder, but when we moved away from the mainland, the kotatsu just didn't have a place anymore in our new house. So, when I saw this okota from Overdrive a few weeks ago, omg, I wanted it! Bats didn't seem like he cared for it much though, so I didn't buy it.

But, after putting my furniture in and playing with sculpties in the skybox for a while, I felt something was missing. I thought about it for a while while I read some blogs. When I came across this post (omg, if you don't read that blog, you must! Awesome freebies are often listed there. I don't understand or read much Japanese, but I can pick out the occasional FREE with a SLURL. ^^), I knew exactly what the place was missing. I quickly remembered where I seen it, and TPed away.


Its cute isn't it? It has four seats, each with a different animation. And! OMG, even when you sit down at the okota, the blanket lifts up for you, so your legs don't go through prims! Its definitely the most realistic heated table I've ever seen in SL. I think one day, Bats will come online and when he wants to rezz a cube, he will be like "WTF happened to all the spare prims?!"

/me kicks the sand guiltily.


Anyway, on to something else I'm excited about! OMG, I made those myself! I've been experimenting with sculpties in rokuro, and came up with something that actually looks like what its supposed to be! Well, at least I think so. They are supposed to be a bell, and a hat. *Beams*