Vogue Cover

Hehe, I thought this was a cute idea, so I couldn't help myself! Make your own at MagMyPic.com.

Anyways, I was sick pretty much all weekend, and when I came online, all I wanted to do was shop. Suddenly, my AO seemed boring, so I set off on a venture to find new animations. My AO is one of the most important items that I own, and throughout my time in SL, my criteria for the perfect one has changed. Before, it used to be good as long as the typing animation doesn't show. Then, after a few more AOs, I wanted something with a lot of fluid movement, one that is cute, does not show head movement, and something that has a bit of class. Typing animation really doesn't matter anymore.

A while ago, when I was looking for an new AO to get away from my DNA one, I shopped around for a bit, and came across Vista Animations. The stands were perfect, not quite fit to my body, but I didn't mind that - I really liked them. Walks, flying animations, hovers - those were not the best. So, I used compiled animations from all different places... as I've blogged before.

I get bored easily with looking at certain things, so it was only natural for me to get bored with this AO. So, over the weekend, I headed back to Vista Animations, and shocked myself at how many more stands I purchased! I was even scared that I would run out of memory in my Zhao! I found some amazing ones in several of the different vendors. Vista Animations has become my favorite place to buy animations for my AO. I am really enjoying the one that I built for myself, and I tell you: the Zhao-II its much more easier to understand the second time! I breezed through the notecard this time.

However - I really liked the walk in my DNA AO. I had asked the creator if he would sell me just the walk from the DNA, but I never heard back from him. TT_TT Its the worst when a creator never gets back to me - a simple 'No' would have perfectly fine. -_-