Making skins was one of my goals in SecondLife. When Eloh Eliot began making the PSDs to her wonderful skins public, I had a huge push to start learning. Then, when I was told about the Another Fundraiser, I had an even bigger push. So, I began working on a modified skin from Another Shop!


So, here is the first candidate I have and have been working on. I changed the skin tone, made shading darker, and highlights lighter. I also added some pink nail polish to both the fingers and toes. I like having some cleavage in the skins I wear, so I made the shading around the bewbs more prominent.


And here is the face and makeup. I removed some shading and highlights from the face, as well as all traces of blush. I added different eyebrows, and created my own makeup. I am calling this skin "Masked" right now because thats what the makeup looks like to me - a mask.


A close up shot of the upper body. I really think this skin turned out pretty well. There is a slight issue with a seam on the belly, but no matter what I try, I can't get it to go away. I do hope to make more makeups and variations of this skin because I really did have a great time making it ^^