Thanks guys, for all your comments in the last post. Yus, he's totally adorable, awesome, and makes a Sai happeh happeh. :D And, he lets me drag him around to see pretty places on the grid, go shopping with me, and all kinds of stuff. So, we went to visit the Las Lagunas sim a while ago - but, I just now got around to editing pictures and blogging them.

laslagunas (6)

I should mention first that I have begun slightly post processing scenery pictures, to make them a little brighter and more lively, but I'll never take away the true beauty of a sim ^^

laslagunas (7)

Anyway, Las Lagunas reminded me a bit of like, a really spiffy and posh resort thing. It was filled with sculpties everywhere (which, honestly made my PC run a lot slower), but it looked really pretty.

laslagunas (8)

The majority of the sim seemed to be empty rooms, open for rent for a store or something. Kind of a pretty place to open up a store, I think.

laslagunas (9)

This place just has tons and tons of photo opportunities and can come up with some really great shots.

laslagunas (10)

And, it even has a pool that uses system water, which I think its a brilliant idea. Kamian seemed to find his way into this picture - taking a swim when he thought no one was looking, I guess. XD

laslagunas (12)

Another picture of the pool, closer, and a different angle. Totally pretty.

laslagunas (13)

There was also some kind of club thing here, it looked like. It had something that looked like a DJ table, and stuff. ^^

laslagunas (1)

While all that was pretty, my favorite area was behind the resort thing, where all the palm trees and open sand was.

laslagunas (2)

A few months ago, I would have went to Bora Bora Isles for some beachy pictures. But now I don't think I can imagine going anywhere else - because this sim was just way too photogenic. ^^

laslagunas (4)

Seriously, it is really beautiful, even without post processing. I think if you haven't been to check it out yet, you definitely should soon.

laslagunas (3)

I even managed to sneak this picture of Kamian while I was there.

laslagunas (5)

I always have to take a picture of us, no matter which sim we visit, so here is the one for Las Lagunas.

In-World Location: Las Lagunas, Las Lagunas (128, 128, 2)