So, the meme going around the blogs this week is What's in your bag. So, I've decided to try it out and show whats in mine. I usually don't carry around a bag - I prefer to just shove some money and important things in my pockets and go off. But sometimes at events and stuff, I carry one around.

  1. I am picky about my bags - I don't like them to be like duffel bags or really big, so I try to get the smallest bag possible that will hold all my important things. This little Dooney & Burke bag was my gift to myself when I got my first income tax check. :P
  2. My car faceplate. I never leave it in my car, even when I park in the garage. Its such a habit now that it comes out of the car with me, and back in the car whenever I go in it. Somehow, the remote to the stereo comes with me too xD
  3. Car keys. All I have on my keyring is my Camaro logo thing, the 2 keys required to get into and start up the car (yep, its an older car, so no spiffy automatic door thingers for me!). I also have the mailbox key on the ring too. :D
  4. My wallet. It holds what little monies I have, old student ID cards, driver's license, and other important things. It was a gift that was supposed to match another bag I had at the time, but I don't have that bag anymore.... was too big XD
  5. 2 pens. Just in case one goes out, I have a back up. And, they are my most favorite pens.... ever.
  6. My cell phone. Its old, outdated and ancient, but hey - it works. Its uncomplicated and I've had it for years. :D
  7. The pill container - my moblie pharmacy. I keep tylenol, midol, allergy medicine, and whatever else I need in there. Just pop it open, choose a pill and be happeh. :D
Haha, I'm so boring. XD