Ok, it's obvious I've been hanging out with Kamian quite a bit from all my exploring posts lately - so he's not really new to my blog. Several of my friends know by now (and even suspected before it happened - how does that happen, anyway? XD), but - I'm currently seeing him (officially?) now. :D I iz happeh!


While he is quite a non-public person, he did agree to let me write this blog post. As I told him, I respect his privacy, and I will attempt to keep my writings on him as minimal as I can, but - since he is part of my SLife now, he is bound to pop up every now and then.


So, I took him into the photosphere with me to get some pictures of us for this post. I've never really modeled with anyone before, but he was quite patient while I freakishly perfected each pose's position and all.

Anyway, I'll wrap it up here now. I can probably go on and yap about him for hours, but I don't think he'd be to happy with me. :P