Remember that post I did last week? About my new skydome, and house? Well, forget it, because... We rented ourselves a Homestead sim! One of my fondest memories of SL was when we owned Chey's Cove, our previous homestead. I adored it, and a lot of my best memories are on that sim.

I was kind of joking to Jeffry, saying I wanted my own sim, and he told me to start looking for one. So I did! I went to several, and decided on one that I wanted. The sim owner came, added me as an estate manager. I was excited, I started terraforming and changing the land textures. Things went downhill from there.


Once I got dressed for my hosting job, and TP'ed away, suddenly I get a message from someone, asking me if I had bought that particular sim, and I told him I did. Apparently, the night before, the sim owner had agreed to hold the sim I bought for him to buy that night. And just like that, I had become the bad guy in all of this. It wasn't long before the sim owner was asking me to give up the sim. Reluctantly, I agreed, and she offered me 3 days free on whatever other sim I chose. While I was working, she set the land up for sale for me. But no, it really doesn't end there.

Once my shift at the club was over, I quickly teleported to the sim that she set for sale for me. I bought it, and she soon came to change the terrain to the file that I requested. Well... I'm not kidding, it took forever for her to do.


I was looking at this for about an hour and a half. During that time, she had told me she was "still looking" for the terrain I requested, and had asked if there was another one I wanted instead. I gave her a couple other options, but let her know that I really wanted my first choice. Eventually, she found it, and TP'ed away. But, here I go to change the land textures to my beach/grass favorite combination. And hey...... no estate manager rights. My this time, my mood shifted from "YAY! We have a sim!!!" to "..... Really?"

She came back eventually and added me as estate manager By this time, it was past 4am for me, and all I wanted was to go to bed.


By the end of the night, I had finally gotten my terrain the way I wanted, and the textures set up. This was how it looked when I logged off last night!

I feel like this fiasco has scarred me from being willing to rent a sim from this land baron again. Apparently, she doesn't keep promises to other customers, and can't keep track of what she has already done and/or still needs to do. Maybe I'm just an obsessive double checker, I don't know. However, I do know that I'll be working on beautify-ing up my new homestead the next week!