I've been following the adorable Alica's blog since as long as I can remember! And lately, I have been noticing that she's accumulated the sweetest smile in her photos! It made me bring out my emoter. And I quickly found out that my smile looks squinty, and just... all around derpy. Come to find out, Alicia previously did a tutorial on how she got her cute little smile! I totally had to try it.

It was a colossal pain the in the rear to do, as I have issues with my eyelashes. I do not wear normal alpha eyelashes - each eyelash I wear is an individual prim, and when I first got them, I spent hours to fit each one to where it was supposed to be. I never messed with them after that. However, this required me to get out my editing skills out and modify them once more. But anyway! Most people likely won't face this struggle like I had to!


I think my smile shape turned somewhat cute! I think this might be a normal thing for me to have in my photos now, as the idea for smiling for photos, seems so natural... yet, never really done in SL. All those emoter smiles seemed so ridiculous, and I'm glad someone finally found a way to make smiling not so creepy in SL! Yay!