I've finally finished decorating my sim! Wow, what a huge different mesh makes in prim counts! I mean, we have like 3,750 prims to play with on our homestead, and I finished putting all my furniture, horses and landscaping out with over 2,800 to spare! It's incredible! I don't even know how I lived with sculpted prims, let alone regular prims now.


So much space! Seriously, what do people put on homestead sims? I have a house and some landscaping, and a pavilion, not sure what else I need? I have a ton of prims, and a ton of empty space!


I wandered around from store to store, looking at prefabs. I wanted one bigger than the Vicious Decay house I currently had, and it had to be affordable. Unfortunately, I failed. I fell in love with one from Barnesworth, but it didn't have baked ambient occlusion textures. I was even looking at one from Scarlet Creative, but I wasn't sure about all the white. Particularly the white roof. I loved another one from Trompe Loeil, but it was small and I wasn't a fan of the layout. I know I'm really picky about my prefabs. I came across this one. I wasn't love at first sight for me, as many of my prefabs are. It was sized waaaay small for my camera settings, as I prefer my houses unproportional to the avatar. This one was realistic sized.

But it was able to be modified, so I bought it and scaled it larger. Once I had it all rezzed out. the result is much better, I think. Of course it required more land impact than the original, but I didn't mind that! One of the really cool selling points of this house is that all the walls are tintable. In my experience, tintable walls look terrible, but these - actually look beautiful while tinted. The house came with white walls, but I made mine a light grey, and it really looks like the house came that way!