So, I've been doing my hosting job, and I actually really like it! I feel like this is really what I needed to get back into SL. It was depressing logging on everyday, with nothing to do besides staring at my land. I've been blogging more - and actually, I have so many pictures that still need to be blogged, there's not enough time in the day to do them!

Club Hosting

I really enjoy hosting. It forces me to come out of my shell, talk to strangers. Before I was kind of awkward with it, I didn't know anyone, and everyone seemed to be friendly and know everyone else. I didn't, so it was hard trying to be part of the conversations. However, I'm starting to know the regulars now, even becoming more familiar with the DJ's, and rest of the staff. It's getting easier, and much more fun.

Now, to be honest, I feel like the only thing missing for me is a good group of friends (as depressing as it sounds). I'm really hoping that this interesting group of people will become those much-needed friends to me.

I host here at Club Zero Fridays through Mondays (and again on Wednesday!) from 10-12PM SLT. If you're interested in coming to dance with me be sure to come on by!