Windlight Water Reflections - 01

I am soooooo excited about this latest Windlight release! For the past couple releases, I got no water reflections, unless I render the pretty sky too. That was a real bummer for me, because I loved the water more than the sky, and when I turn on the pretty sky option, my PC has spaz attacks. However, this release brought back the reflections without the sky for me! OMG, I'm so excited! I wanted to take a few shots with the water, so I put on a bikini and headed out to the place I spend a lot of my time - the beach of Bats' and my home.

Windlight Water Reflections - 02

Another thing I'm excited about - transparent objects stay transparent! OMG, it was sooooo annoying zooming out of something, and seeing all the invisible things. Really messed up pictures with various particle emitters, facelights, and hair with alpha textures. It really drove me nuts.

I wish though - that snapshots would be fixed. I can't use snapzilla anymore because everytime I attempt to send anything smaller than my screen size, it only captures a tiny bit of the image. TT_TT So, to take pictures, I have to save them to hard drive, resize them in Photoshop, and upload them. So much work TT_TT