New Toy!

I have been wanting this for a while, and since Bats is borderline MIA lately, I decided to go ahead and purchase it to occupy some time. There are some ideas I have for jewelry, that I would love to see done. Especially with bracelets. I have no idea why there are not simple, chain bracelets out there, so I am determined to make them for myself. I bought some gem textures and metal textures - I am sooooo ready to give this a try.

There are amazing jewelry makers out there (such as Alienbear and Caliah Lyon), but I just want a simple silver chain bracelet, that would go with any silver/diamond set (since jewelry makers don't seem to have interest in making matching bracelets).

OMG though, the instructions are SOOOO freaking long for this, I'm definitely not looking forward to learning it. I've been working on a few custom poses for a few people for Imperial Elegance, but now that they are all completed, I have a little time to fiddle with this contraption.

I will be going to the GLAM SL Magazine Launch tomorrow, as well as Siyu Suen's awesome Marti Gras Masque, and I'm totally excited. I've been planning my costume for Siyu's party for weeks, and I love it. She gave her guests a 200 prim limit on attachments, and I have finally come up with a costume with 166 prims... and it looks amazing! I want to keep it a surprise until the party, so I will be posting TONS of pictures of it on Sunday ^^