I've been hearing alot about Tillie's Posing Stand, so I hopped on SLExchange and bought it. I have been using a HUDDLES to hold and flip through all my poses, but I was getting bored, and I felt like trying something new.


This thing comes with a HUD that lets you flip through your poses, show/hide the stand, and even rotate your stand for the perfect shot. Sorry, don't mind my other HUDS hanging around my screen - I totally forgot to detach them before I took pictures.

Now, this is pretty cool and all - but... I have found an annoyance. Because I wear so many HUDs at one time (Mystitool, AO, Tiny Empires, HUDDLES, Trader Alert, Couple's Animator... O.o), I really need to be able to move the hud around to fit around everything else. Well.... when I move this, every time I click a button on it, it goes back to default position. I usually have all my HUDs situated and I wish I was able to move this around permanently. *cries* I will try this a few more days to see if I can get used to new HUD positions and such.