Yay! I have proved I can make more things in SL than just plywood cubes! My first attempt at LinkRez looked like this:

Yay! OMG!

Not bad, I was ecstatic I actually created something that resembled a necklace. However, me being the complicated perfectionist I am, this was not good enough. I added a little pearl pendant to the bottom, added a few more rows of pearls, hand rotated each individual prim, and I came up with this:


OMG, I'm sooooo excited and I love how it turned out. I was worried about finding a good pearl texture, so I went to some of the major texture shops, and found the perfect one. I kid you not - I can stare at this thing for hours~ :D I'm very proud of it. ^^ Its definitely not as good as most other jewelry maker's things, but hey~ I'm just starting ^^