I've been a little busy neko lately, even if it doesn't seem like it! I've been doing tons of work for my shop, I haven't had any time to do much of anything else in SL. But! I finally finished it all! Oh? What have I been doing? Well, I updated all my images for my vendors in my shop with new pictures, backgrounds, and more detailed layouts. (Gah~ that $400L in upload fees killed me!) But thats not all I did. I also updated every skirt in the shop with the new SmartSkirt script.

But no, thats not all~ I also updated the boxes in my SLExchange vendor and my OnRez vendor. Now, all landmarks are correct, SmartSkirt is up, and vendor images look great. Now, all thats left to do is package the new skirts up and put them up in the shop on Wednesday, so I can send my FashCon notice out.

I am excited about the new SmartSkirt script as well as the new vendor ads. I think this will make my shop more attractive, which is really cool. Shameless Plug: Flounder (46, 120, 33)


Ah, and on a side note... check out what I hatched! In search of a dragon avatar, I came across Grendel's Children, where you can buy an egg for $30L, and walk around the sims for a place that your egg will hatch at. I spent the next hour looking for somewhere to hatch this egg. It was, without a doubt, one of the weirdest things I've done. But - It hatched, and I got a gnarly, scripted dragon out of it. I call him Chi. ^_^