Gah~ its been a while since I updated. I've been totally obsessed with making poses, I haven't really felt like doing much of anything else. So, I suppose I will talk a little about pose making while I'm on the topic. While searching for, crazy, silly, having fun poses, I was disappointed in how few good ones there were out there. So! I decided to make my own! I shelled out quite a bit of lindens and purchased the in-world pose maker, The Mannequin.

The Mannequin

This thing... is really nice. Its easy to use, you just click on one of the little silver guy's parts, and a menu will come up. You choose from the menu what you want the part to do, and the limb moves. Easy. However, at $5000L, its quite expensive. I love this thing, but there are quite a few limitations on the movements. Which really is not a good thing. I've struggled a lot to get the perfect pose, and failed because the limits are so great on this object. However, it was a good learning tool. I got the basics of moving limbs, uploading animations, and how the avatar moves. If you want to check this tool out, you can do so at Tink's Creations, Drakul (242, 188, 68).


After reading Natalia Zelmanov's recent blog post, I gathered my courage and jumped into Qavimator. I have only one word: WOW. This program is so easy (though, I have to admit: the cracky skin is kinda creepy). I'm not sure if my experience with the Mannequin helped me understand the movements or something, but Qavimator is extremely easy, free (well, besides the $10L animation upload fee), and allows me to move the limbs in the exact position I want them in.


Now - on to other things. Bats and I have sold our mainland Flounder house, and moved into a quiet, West facing residential lot that is on the edge of a sim. We have absolutely nothing on two sides of our little island. Its totally perfect for us.

Our Sunset

I swear, we have the best sunset in SecondLife. I set up our favorite slow dance on the dock we made next to Bats' boat. So awesome to go out there after dressing up to dance and watch the sun set. ^_^

Imperial Elegance

I've also moved my shop out of Flounder and into a commercial sim in the Azure sims. Its totally huge, with 1120 meters, and 384 prims. I have set up a separate blog for Imperial Elegance releases, if anyone is interested in reading about those type of stuffs.