Ugly View

It finally happened. Our beautiful mainland beach has become overrun by a moron. Everything was fine until one person moved in and bought tons of land next to our house. Now - its a club. And its all we can see from the front of our house. Its totally nauseating and uncool. Bats wants to move away from the new club but I wasn't to sure... I mean, this was our first land together. But, we went land shopping around privately owned islands anyway, and I have to say - I was impressed. I was looking for a nice sandy beach on the edge of a sim that faced west (so we can have a good view of the sunset). I found quite a few, which was good.

Our Temporary Skybox

But - Until we are able to move, we are stuck with the club in front of our home. Our temporary solution? A furnished skybox. Its depressing to log in and have a club glaring at you from the shoreline outside the window, so it seems the skybox will become our main home until either the club disappears, or we move.

I didn't think I would be excited to move away from our current land. But seeing how much people care about their land on private sims, and reading the covenants that protects the residents from morons, made me feel better. It will also be nice not having to worry about people terraforming our water away, and blocking our sunset. ^_^

[EDIT] So, its official: Bats and I are selling our mainland beach home to move to a private residential sim. Interested in it? Its 5,040 meters, 1153 prims, waterfront mainland for $44,080L. SLURL: Flounder (155, 108, 22)