Yesterday was day number 6 of the Playdate Cruise, and we had arrived at the Mermaid Sea! I was AFK quite a bit yesterday, and didn't get to as many events as I wanted. But, we did explore Mermaid Sea, I helped a special camper find the hunt sticker, and the biggest part of yesterday - the talent show! I was one of the judges, and trust me, it was hard to judge all these adorable kiddos and pick a winner. But it was done, whew!

[SRB] Playdate Cruise 2017 - Day 6

Of course, we had the obligatory camp fun before the talent show started! It was a fun day, I always love watching the talent shows, and the creativity that the kids have. The creativity these special kids have though was amazing, seriously! There was a video that the camper, Kit, recorded! If you wanna see, here is the link!

[SRB] Playdate Cruise 2017 - Day 7

Day 7 was the last day of the Playdate Camp. (So sorry for the lack of pretty in this photo, there was ALOT of kiddos, and ultra graphics... just wasn't going to happen). We had to go to town today in RL, as we had tickets to see Beauty and the Beast, and had to do some shopping. So we rushed home, to try to make it in time for the closing ceremony. I was a little early, and got to do some "HECK NO!! WE WON'T GO!!"-ing with all the kids. Flag waving and all! After closing ceremonies, we did another bit of camp craziness!

Closing ceremonies was so touching, tearful, and such a beautiful sit down with the kids. They shared their feelings, how much camp meant to them, and the counselors did the same. I cried, they cried, it was emotional. But, camp is officially over, as sad as it is, we all go back to our normal SLives.

I will write more about camp, my feelings and how big of an experience this meant for me. But, for now, I think I need to get caught up on some sleep, relax a little and process everything. Oh, and I absolutely must sort through my post-camp inventory, omigosh, it's an official mess!