Yesterday was day three of the Playdate Cruise 2017! Our port for that day was.... Unicorn Forest! It was such a beautiful place, lots to explore! There were unicorns everywhere, an abandoned playground, a little gnome village, caves and a gorgeous pond where the unicorns came to drink. Our hunt item prize was even a little carton of Unicorn Milk! I was joking around with one adorable camper, saying that someone should steal a unicorn and market this unicorn milk to sell in SL grocery stores! They'd make a fortune!

[SRB] Playdate Cruise 2017 - Day 03

But, aside from unicorn forest... it was my first event - Paintball! I was so, so nervous going into it! I'm not a huge voicer, but I decided that I was going to voice to the kids during my event. Misty and I practiced, got my microphone working well, and I headed to my event, set it up. It went well, all things considered! Lag was bad that day, all around. Then when I added many paintballs rocketing off everything, lag got worse. LOL. But it's okay, all that is part of camp! The kids were tired out, so it worked out pretty well, I think. Misty said afterwards that I didn't sound silly or anything, and no one even seemed to notice that I was sick and only had half my voice, *laughs*

After paintball, we tried to save a unicorn who forgot he could fly, I made balloon boxmobiles with Miss Jewel, and tried to play "Funky Monkey" which turned out to be a fast paced version of Greedy. I, however, am stupid and Greedy never makes any sense to me... but it was fun to watch the kids play!

I found the day's golden goat, found the theme hunt diamond in Unicorn Forest, and tried really hard to stay up for Late and Radio's Fireworks and Fishing event, but I was really tired and couldn't make it. Being sick during camp is no good at all!