Day five of the Playdate brought..... The Land of Giants! I did the usual daily fun stuff, like getting the golden goat of the day, the daily theme hunt, and exploring the land of Giants. There was even a special hunt around the ship for the super-secret Clown Town pin for our lanyards! Every item was a clue to the next item, and we had to collect words in each item to unlock the chest the held our pin! It was great!

[SRB] Playdate Cruise 2017 - Day 5

In addition, I attended a couple of events - Story with a Hole was fun, as you got a little bit of a story, and had to figure out the rest of it. It was fun, though it made me feel a little stupid cause the kids are so smart! Miss Late and Radio's Great Toyroom Escape was fun but really hard (it probably wasn't too hard, but with the amount of kids pushing each other off ramps and blocks, plus lag, it made it super difficult to navigate, Ohhh, the joys of camp!), Miss Jewel's Toypocalypse was super fun! She had all the kids make a base, and then made toys come to life and come after them! Miss Jewel has some of the absolute best events, they are always so thoughtful and focuses on teamwork. That's why she's so great at doing the Neverland Scouts!

And lastly, story time with Miss Allex. Even as a counselor, there's something soothing and relaxing about someone reading stories to you after a busy day of camp. Even if it's something as obnoxious as the entire book of Stinky Cheese Man. *laughs*