Day two on the Playdate Cruise came, and we arrived in the Port of Cloud Town! This was really great, every day on the cruise is a different location, a different scene to see each day. I never feel bored, as there really is a lot to do, a lot to see! From exploring each port we come into, to the daily diamond hunt, to all the back-to-back events... it's hard to stay still!

[SRB] Playdate Cruise 2017 - Day 02

I'm still happy to see that Misty is running around, collecting stickers, exploring, and having fun! I'm really glad that I can experience this with my child. I do feel that if she was by herself at camp, she might not have had as much fun as she is, cause, camp is always better with friends, and people you know. I know it's not cool hanging out with your mom, but I want to think that I'm a pretty cool mom. *laughs*

Surprisingly, she has yet to do anything to be grounded at camp, and embarrassed by her mother in front of her new friends. LOL. She'll slip up eventually though, right?! (No, I'm just kidding, she really is a great, well-behaved kid, hahaha)