So, with all the 365 posts, I've kinda forgotten to do normal blogging. xD I did mention in a 365 post, I finished my new build for my store, and lowered my prices a bit. I'm actually quite excited about it, I've been uninspired for a long time, and this build has just been sitting around, doing nothing.


So, the other day, I decided to finish it, upload all the vendor photos with new pricing, and finish my project. It took longer than I expected, but in the end, I think it was worth the time I spent. Everything is done, more attractive looking, and hopefully more appealing to customers.


Lowering the prices was a big decision for me. But, back when I started making them, the market was kind of... limited. There were the big names, and that was it. I mainly made them for myself, and started to sell them, at the average price. But as more and more people started making poses, the prices drop further, so I hope my pricing is more competitive with other creators. Pose sets are now $350L, discount pose sets are $150L, and couple's poses are $50L.


I also went through and took some sets I wasn't happy with anymore, and sent them to the discount section. Eventually I plan to remake a few of them, but when I have more time. Right now with the holidays, finding time to do much of anything makes me have faces like this: @_@


I am most pleased with the center piece that graces the center of the store. The original sculpture is called "Life" and is a great creation from Yabusaka - and I wanted to theme the little fountain around it. I put some plants around it to really go with the Life theme. I think it looks really cute, and also fits the way I want to portray my store's image.


And, a quick photo from Aion. Definitely made me have a total LOL moment. The smaller character is mine.. and I'm average sized.