So, last night I mentioned my new graphics card. I was a little disappointed with it last night, because it was supposed to be a really nice card, but I didn't see a much noticeable difference while logged in world. However, this morning I re-downloaded the Kirsten's viewer, logged in, and it was running so much better than I even thought was possible. I was able to run the shadows with minimal lag, and it was awesome. It seems I'll be uninstalling Emerald Viewer until my lag issues with that client goes away, and I shall be picking up Kirsten's viewer as my main now.


I'm so happy with my new card, its been so long since I did a computer hardware update... good cards are so cheap from what my previous one was when I bought it XD

It was such a pain in the butt to install to though... omg. I swear this new card was twice the size as my old one, completely encased in hard plastic and it covered up most of my hard drive slots on my motherboard. Then I had to run to the local computer supply store and get longer cables, because some hard dive cables I had, wasn't long enough to go completely around the huge graphics card. Oh, it was crazy installing this thing. :O

However, my computer booted right up, working much better than it has before. I am pleased, my computer feels like its doing a little happy twirl, as its finally being able to stretch its legs. :D