Jeffry and I have been spending a lot of time in Aion lately. He's decided he wants an level 30 armor set, which you can only get one piece per character. Therefore, we've been trying to level up our main characters so we can get the armor for him.

Jeffry is not one to like change, and I get bored with things easily. We can be questing in one area, and I get bored and want to go to a different area. XD So, getting him to agree to create an Asmodian character was really difficult. I wanted to see what the Asmodian side of things looked like. And umm..... we quickly decided, it wasn't for us. But I did manage to grab a couple photos.


Everything was pretty much the same as Elyos side of the world, except darker, more creepy. But the layout was basically the same, so it was pretty easy to get around.


We probably spent 15 minutes there before I was like, "omg, I need my Elyos chanter back, kthx" XD


And, since I was on a roll to get Jeffry to try new things, we went to the Abyss! :O We've been avoiding the Abyss because of PvP... but, I wanted to go sightseeing in there. The first time, we didn't go far, just at the Abyss landing area, and explored all the NPC stores and stuff, before getting freaked out and leaving.


The next time we went, we were a little more daring, and actually went IN the Abyss. We explored a couple seconds, until an Asmodian came and found us... and killed us both. We never go far, and try to run away when we see an Asmodian, but somehow they find us, kill us, and send us back to our bind point. Luckily, I don't have to pay for soul healing when they kill us, otherwise I'll never be able to save up for those level 30 wings. XD

We also created new characters last night that he wants to level to 30 too. It's fun, and I finally get to create and play the templar class that I've been wanting to try for a while now. And, I even got him to change too. Instead of playing a spiritmaster this time, he's finally going sorcerer. :D