Today, I spent the day fitting total prim eyelashes. I've had some from Lelutka for a while, which I loved, but when I saw these, I needed them. They are longer, and more lush. I don't really change eyelashes that often, but when I do, I usually spend at least 12 hours fitting them. It's usually a one time fit, so it doesn't really bother me to spend so much time on them. Especially when you are dealing with one prim per lash hair. :O


In RL though, I've been working on making homemade paper. I'm not a craft person, and whatever crafts I tried to make, have been real fail. Homemade paper though, is so much fun. And, you can't really mess up. If it doesn't look like what you want, you put it through the blender again, and try once more. I have made a total of 29 sheets now, so I finally get to start working on the journal I've been wanting to make for myself :D