So, I am still alive! I've been so busy lately, omg. My RL roommate has been in the hospital for the past week, in and out of ICU, so I've been hanging around up there while he was up there. Then I had to get poses done in time for the Bunny Hop hunt, and finish my store's releases for tomorrow. I've been busy busy, I was glad to finally have a little bit of a rest last night.

After seeing loads of pictures of those AIFriends kitties, I came across a picture of one of the corgi's they released before the kittens. And then I was reminded I had one of those corgi's. Since November 14th, to be exact. I remember I stopped playing with the corgi I had because it always insisted on attaching to me whenever IT wanted to, which annoyed the crap out of me. So, its been hiding in my inventory. But last night, I updated it to the newest version, which appears to have stopped the random attaching. :D


And, I finally see how adorable these dogs are. I am having a nightmare of a time resisting the call of the kittens as well. I think the only thing stopping me from buying a kitten, is that I can't decide which breed to buy! :O I love the silver tabby, the bengal and the siamese - they all look so adorable. Though, I can't get all of them, because I think the sim owner (and my neighbors) would hate me. xD


I think the corgis look the cutest while sleeping though. But then again, don't all dogs? I have several dogs from different places like Zooby's, Petz, Vooner, and VKC, but none seem to have the interactive-ness as these AIFriends animals. Which, make them more fun. I like giving them baths, feeding them, and playing ball with them. :D


On a side note, I've been reworking my AO quite a bit, trying to find lesser-known places to buy animated stands from. I managed to find some super cute place with the most adorable stands, walks, and poses I've ever seen. Since I make poses, I very rarely buy any anymore - but some of their poses were so cute, I just HAD to buy them. And, the one shown above just happens to be my new favorite pose. :D

But, I finally got my AO the way I like it, its silly at times, cute, and I love it. I'm finally glad I got acutal animations that I like and fit my avatar better than most. They aren't perfect, but still manageable. I don't lose hands in my boobs or butt like other animations do. \o/