During my awesome week in SL - I was asked to take part in something awesome, and I was so excited. However, I was not allowed to blog about it until it appeared in the store. Well, it appeared this morning, and I can finally tell the world about it \o/

Ready? Ready? Ready? *nudges* :D


I was asked by the lovely Sophia to model in a poster that would be displayed in Truth Hawks' store! OMG, I was like, so happy that I was bouncing off the walls. I've never done anything like it before, so it was great.


Also, a few good friends of mine - Sehra, Alicia, Sophia, and Pumpkin have posters on the walls as well. I love going through the store and thinking, "Hey, I know those people!!" and "OMG, that's MEEEEEE!"


They are all so fun to look at, and it definitely brightened up my week. Everyone looks so amazing, and Skyhawke from Sacred did such a fantastic job on all our pictures.

Sai's Poster for Truth

I figured I show my picture here as well, because it's just too amazing not to share. Thanks Sophia Harlow, and Skyhawke Sodwind, for giving me the opportunity to do something totally fantastic like this :D