So, as old relationships come to a dramatic final end, Second Life goes on, and new relationships begin. I've recently came across a fantastic guy named Alee. He is someone who is absolutely adorable, totally sweet, fun, extremely talented, and makes me very special whenever I talk to him. :D


I flirted with him for what seemed like forever, and then he officially became my adorable boi on Friday night. It made me totally happy, and I found myself still smiling even the next morning. xD

He's a busy guy in SL, always building, making furnitures, photoshopping, or DJ'ing, but usually always makes time for me. And even sometimes, I get to sneak in a cuddle with him. Having a guy that DJ's is completely new to me, especially considering I'm not a clubber at all, but he always gives me the option to go or not, which I really like about him.

My Alee-luff makes me happier than I have been in a while, and challenges me to be more social and outgoing - whether he is aware of it or not.