Alee and I visited Japan Kansai and the surrounding sims a little while ago, but I didn't somehow grab any pictures. So, I decided to go wander around with the Shadow Viewer again, because the place was just so beautiful, I wanted to grab pictures with shadows.

Japan Kansai - 19

It was actually much more productive just to go and snap pictures. I love trying to find the best lighting, and the best angle for a photo with the Shadow Viewer, its so much fun.

Japan Kansai - 18

But then you throw in the beauty of a historical Japanese sim - and I'm in total heaven. There's just so much to take photos of, I had no idea what to take pictures of first. xD

Japan Kansai - 16

Normally, I'm not a fan of local lighting, and usually have it off - but this sim did such a great job with capuring moods and such with their lighting, I had to leave it on :D

Japan Kansai - 15

There are tons of areas to explore at Japan Kansai, from foresty places, to teahouses, to rice fields, and even temples.

Japan Kansai - 14

And even loads of places to take fantastic photos at. :P

Japan Kansai - 12

It looks so realistic, even broken down boats are just laying around. ^^

Japan Kansai - 11

Foresty place. Its so cute - it even had a little wooden plank walkway above the water to cross.

Japan Kansai - 09

A palce to sit, and admire the... monkeys? O.o;

Japan Kansai - 06

This was a little secluded place in the middle of the water, you can kneel on the pillow and watch the scenery as well :D

Japan Kansai - 05

I loved the boats on this sim. They are really well done, and they even rock with the waves of the water.

Japan Kansai - 03

I think the Shadow Viewer makes things tons beautiful, even the prettiest sims in SL can be made 20 times more stunning by just snapping up pictures in using shadows.

Japan Kansai - 02

But the sim itself is still really beautiful, and definitely worth a look, if you like Japanese sims. It didn't seem like Alee was much into it as I was, but he still was having fun (I think) :D

Japan Kansai - 01

Aaaaand, since I always have to snap a picture of me in the sim - here's this one. :D

SLURL: Japan Kansai (128, 128, 2)
Viewer: Boy Lane's Shadow Viewer