So, my computer really has said its final words to me, which is never good. No matter what Kamian tells me to try, it seriously will not work. I am considering purchasing a new computer, which will probably happen sort of mid-February at the earliest. I'm a bit depressed, but will have to get over it. Until then, I have a crap spare computer which averages 4 frames per second - which will have to work until then.

I had to do vendor ads for Imperial Elegance's new release before the beginning of the year though, which was quite painful with Windlight - but not entirely impossible. While I had the client opened up, I thought I'd take advantage of it and take a couple pictures, just because.

playing around - 02

I do love playing with pictures, and I vowed to myself that when I get PC fixed (or buy a new one) - I will start playing with photos more, and learning new techniques with post processing photos. I wish to be able to learn highlighting, shading, and general touch ups for SL photos.

playing around - 01

So, I think they turned out pretty good. I am happy that I am still actually able to run Windlight, even if its uber slow. I even used one of these pictures as my new plurk theme, as well as my profile photo.