OMG, I've changed houses again! This time, I'm trying a skybox, for a variety of reasons, one of which is because with my computer issues, I get less of a slideshow being pretty high up.

So, I dragged Kamian around with me, looking at houses, skyboxes and furniture, trying to find something we both will like. We finally settled on one, and made it our own by doing a little editing of it. My main problem with this house was, its a 2 rooms bigger than what I'm used to, and the rooms were set up quite obviously - dining room and kitchen, the two room are rooms I hate furnishing. I can never find good dining room sets (omg, they are so expensive!), and kitchens are ALWAYS no mod, and are never in the shape or color I have in mind.

However, one of the many awesome things about living with a builder is, he is always willing to build me stuffs. :P So, after much thinking, I took him up on his offer to make me a kitchen :D


It's totally awesome. I was hesitant to let him build me a kitchen at first, because they are so complicated and would take days to finish - and I feel bad asking him to do something for me that would take that long. But, he had this completely done in like, 30 minutes. :O


And, seeing how awesome and quick to build the kitchen was, I gave him a second task of making a dining room set too. P Its quite primmy, but I still love it. He's always so patient when listening to my requests, its kinda scary. XD

A little side note - I actually changed the land title of my home to include Kamian. :D Instead of Sai's home, it now says Sai and Kamian's Home. We are there for the majority of the time we are together, so its only fitting, right? :D

I do plan on taking more pictures of the house once it gets completely furnished and everything, so a big post on that will be coming soon :D