Tiny Empires

When I heard about the HUD game, Tiny Empires, I was simply like: O.o . But, something possessed me to go and grab a copy of the free trial version. So, what is it? Its a simple game that you play in the background, in which your goal is to buy land with earned gold, and climb up the hierarchy. I really enjoy this game because its great for passing time while I wait for IMs. When I am out with Bats, he is usually the only person I talk to, so I play Tiny Empires while I wait for him to type back to me. Interested? You can grab a free trial (or the full version for $499L) in Kitster (144, 41, 53).


I wonder what mainland would be like, if people were not obstructing your view from the things you enjoy the most? I bought this land, for the purpose of making skirts and things, but I never expected to stare at a giant, depressing library tree all day. I think a brick wall would have been better to look at. Yes, I know, it is mainland - people will do what they want - but, couldn't he had of made it pink or something? Or even yellow? Oh, and then not to mention he completely screwed up the scale settings I had on my photosphere. I mean, seriously. I put a red barrier up for a reason - To keep morons away from the sphere. -_-