Inari Shrine

It seems I haven't wrote about a shrine in a while. I have been coming across a few here and there, but never really took any pictures. However, when I saw this amazing Inari shrine, I knew I HAD to get some pictures. This shrine is actually part of a shop. I purchased some sculpted tiny prims from someone on SLExchange, and this was listed as their shop in their in-world profile. Curious, I went to take a look.

Inari Shrine 02

And it was amazing. I've always seen these things in anime, TV shows, and pictures from Japan, so it was pretty cool to see them in Second Life. It seems that the majority of this stuff is sculpted... the pillars as well as the walkway. I love sculpted prims.

Inari Shrine 03

The textures on these prims are amazing as well. I mean, how could something be so bright and so pretty at the same time? This has become one of my favorite places... its calming and beautiful. It was a fun trip.

SLURL: Queqiao (180, 200, 21)