Sand Shack Surf Co.

I attended two store openings yesterday. One was the new main store of Sand Shack Surf Co. A lot of people attended, and everything was rezzing so slow. The new shop was an interesting place, but there were a lot of red barriers around, covering some of the smaller vendor stalls. I was like: O.o Of all days, I would think that the smaller vendors would want to open on THAT day, when everyone came to the Sand Shack Surf Co. party. Or perhaps there was another reason why it had a barrier? *Shrugs* I didn't buy anything while I was there, I just wanted to check out the new location. It looks great, and it will definitely give Emma Gilmour lots of room to expand. ^_^

Zhao Shoes Opening

I also attended the opening of the new Zhao Shoes main location. OMG, there were tons of people who attended this party. Here, they had dancing, a DJ and all kinds of stuff. Zhao has some awesome shoes, but I was looking for a pair of black tennis shoes at the time, and all I found here was heels. Still, it was fun to see all these people, and support the opening of Zhao shoes ^_^