Yesterday was my RL birthday, and Bats kindly donated some of his Sunday to spending time in SecondLife with me. He bought me this amazing cherry blossom kimono, as well as a necklace and a collar (thank you so much Bats~~). I was totally excited about the kimono, so I went and bought the most elaborate hair I could find. After all, it was for my birthday with Bats, I had to go all out, right?

More Kimono

So, Bats got himself a kimono (as well as some poses from Reel Expression!), and we set out to do our kimono photoshoot~ It was fun to really see how my new photosphere backdrops looked, and I am totally impressed. I love them all. Our photoshoot was interesting, but I did get some good shots. Thanks for being so patient with me while I was trying to get the perfect shot, Bats~ O.o


After the photoshoot in the sphere, it was back to our beach for some hanabi launching. It kinda reminded me of the 4th of July - the night before we became partners. It was a fun, interesting birthday on SecondLife. ^_^