The Dress That Caused Me Stress

I recently had a problem with one of my favorite clothing shops in SecondLife. I normally do not IM creators, unless something major happened with the object I purchased, and I definitely would never IM them if the problem was my fault. So, my problem was with Nicky Ree. The problem I had was simple: I had purchased a formal dress for $600L, and there were no glitch pants included in the box, as advertised. Glitch pants are a big deal to me, and I refuse to wear a skirt or dress without them. So, since the dress cost me $600L, I decided to IM Nicky Ree herself and ask if I could either buy just a pair of glitch pants, or if she could give me one. I definitely did not want to spend this much money on a dress, then not be able to wear it.

So, what happened? After a failed attempt of trying to send me a pair of pants (that I never received even then) and assuring me that they should be in my inventory (like I was a moron), I was blown off. I got the explanation, "the servers must be lagging". Okay, so I waited all night, and still never received them. So, before I went to bed, I went to the store where I purchased the dress, to make sure the glitch pants were in fact, not there. And, no, they were not. So, I sent Nicky Ree one last IM to see if she was kind enough to send me the glitch pants once more, because I had never received them. I had also informed her that the glitch pants were NOT in the box when I bought them. And... she told me that they WERE in the box because she checked. ... And she never offered to send my pants again.

Later on the next day, I went back to the store, and found that she had added the glitch pants to the box. This was not my fault, and I did not even get a "I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Here, take a pair of glitch pants. Thanks for shopping!" Nope. Nothing. So, I had to purchase the package for a SECOND time in order to get the stupid pants. Therefore, spending an extra, unneeded $600L. Bringing my total to $1200L on this stupid dress.

I have purchased enough dresses from her store to probably fund an entire 4 years of college, and I can now say that I would never purchase from her again. For a store so popular with a large fan base, I am shocked that this creator lacks customer service. Because of this incident, this will be the last $1200L I spend at her store.

What did I expect? Well, customer service is a major thing with me. Therefore, I expected to get my glitch pants. They are no transfer pants, so I really don't understand what the big deal is. Its not like I'm just trying to get more pants. If I had gotten them in the first place, I could make as many copies of them as I want. Seriously, I would have been happy with a better attitude about the whole thing. And it really is not right to blame the customer for your mistake without an apology.

Customers make the SL what it is. They need to be taken care of, even if you need to bend over backwards for them.

UPDATE: So tonight, I have a little better opinion on this situation. After explaining to me that she has had SL issues, she sent me a pair of glitch pants (as I wanted), AND refunded me my $600L for the additional dress purchase I made.