Sai's New Look

Yeah, so as seen in my last entry, I got a new skin. I'm totally in love with this one, and I think it will become my permanent skin. As well as this amazing hair from Refuge. I have searched forever for a skin with black eye makeup and minimal lip color, that I gave up. When I read that Last Call was bringing back their original Deviant Nation skin line, I couldn't teleport there fast enough. So, I got the skin I've always wanted. *Beams*

Anyways, I actually came on to talk about Fashion Consolidated. I think joining this group was the best thing... ever. I've gotten to so many sales because of this group, and gotten my pixel fingers on some awesome limited edition goodies and freebies. So, I decided to put a notice for Imperial Elegance up in FashCon. OMG, I have it say... it was the best decision I've made for my little clothing shop. So many people so showed up, I was totally shocked. I even met some really interesting people who stopped by. ^_^ Thanks to all who braved the unexpected lag, and shopped~~