Clock Island

Bats and I took a small trip across the grid last night to check out a few new places. My favorite, and the one I am going to blog about today, was Clock Island. This place was beautiful, and totally dreamlike. The sides of the giant hourglass is a long, staircase that goes from the bottom all the way up to the top. Me, being the moronic klutz that I am, spent 5 minutes trekking up the stairs, then 10 steps away from the top... I fell. *Dies* Luckily, Bats is not as clumsy as me, so he stayed up there to send me a TP to the top again.

Center of Clock Island

Inside the hour glass was just as amazing as the outside. Numbers fell from the center, just as sand falls in a real hourglass. There were little numbers with feet that ran around the inside of this place, it was totally cute. I was kicked a few times by number 5, and Bats was followed around by number 2. Totally amusing. If you like creative builds, or enjoy dreamlike things, definitely check out Clock Island.

SLURL: Clock Island (184, 79, 22)