The Opening of Bebe

So, I attended the opening party of Bebe last night. I usually don't go to these opening parties and such, but the fact that they had a Subscribe-O-Matic caught my attention, and I decided to go. I got there, and it seemed like all of SecondLife had shown up! (Well, thats an exaggeration, but there were more people there than I would have expected!) It was a pretty interesting experience... they had a DJ, dancing, and a limited edition Snake Charmer arm band thing for $20L, that I just had to have.

I liked the style of the jewelry that Bebe had, though they didn't have the colors I was looking for. I love to shop for accessories in either powder pink, or a dark red, but I didn't see either color here. But - It is their grand opening, and I will be watching out for more products from them.

SLURL: Norcott Center (51, 136, 23)