Second Life and the resident ran websites are filled with various resources to help the average person create their own place in the vast SL world. I have found pretty much everything from prim skirt builders to sculptie shapes.

Clothes Making

  1. Vint's PrimSkirtBuilder - While I tried this gadget, I didn't like it very much. However, I know several people who swear by it. Its a free script, so go check it out.
  2. LoopRez and LinkRez - I own the LoopRez Deluxe Commercial Edition, and I have to say it is the most awesome thing I've ever bought. It makes skirt creating so easy, and so much fun. One of my next big purchases will definitely be the LinkRez.
  3. Robin Wood's Clothing Templates - These are the templates I prefer to make my clothing. Free, easy to understand, what more could a Sai want?


  1. llParticleSystem on SL Wiki - This is a good resource for anyone looking into making particles. It explains what all the settings used in the particle script for, and what type of numbers they call for. Particles can be very intimidating to learn, but reading through this information will make it a little easier.
  2. Particle Wizard - An awesome little thing that makes creating particles soooo much easier! There is not more guessing at what numbers might work the best to great the effect you want, and best of all, no scripting! The particle wizard creates the script for you~ Awesome? Very.


  1. DeviantArt - One of the most extensive texture resources available. Just be sure you read what the creators require with their resources.
  2. Undulation - Interesting textures.
  3. Texture and Color - This place has interesting ones, for example... brain textures. Yeah. They also have the usual sand, wood, grass, metals, and such.
  4. Animax - Various free textures.
  5. Noctua Graphics - Various types of images.
  6. Ben Cloward - Lots more free textures.
  7. RobotJam - Free textures in the categories of: skies, details, doors, ground, rocks, walls, and windows.
  8. Screen Backdrops - Clouds, flowers, trees, snow... all kinds of things~
  9. Afflict - The design of this site is really cool. Oh, and they have neat textures.
  10. Image*After - More textures.
  11. The Grimy Polygon - Free textures in the normal categories: metal, cement, stone, fabric, plants, plastic, wood, tile, and other.
  12. 3dImplant - It seems that you have to register for a account to view the high-resolution images from them.
  13. Mayang's Texture Library - One of my personal favorites texture sites.