The internet is a great place to find tutorials for making anything you want. Everything I've learned about Second Life has been learned off of various places on the internet. I will list the tutorials I've used here, in hopes it will help someone else in their Second Life creations.


  1. Natalia Zelmanov: Build - This is one of the most extensive tutorial sites I've ever come across. It covers everything from how to create fur trim to building prim heels. If you want to learn anything at all, this place is a great place to start.
  2. SecondLife HowTo - Random how to articles, but the one I found most useful was the "Experiment with Particles" tutorial.
  3. Nicola Escher's Tutorials - Nicola's random, well done tutorials on various subjects. The ones I found to be the most useful were the Alpha Transparency and the Creating a Tattoo tutorials.
  4. Taunt - Many video tutorials for Photoshop and Second Life.


  1. Robin Wood's Tutorials - These seem to be more focused on clothing creation, but I can imagine they can be used for a lot of different things. Robin has plenty of tutorials, but I find the Lace Textures, Making a Perfect Alpha Channel, and Adding Patterns to Cloth to be the most helpful.
  2. Creating Buttons for Clothing - Interesting tutorial, the title is pretty self-explanatory here.
  3. Creating Lingerie - Rather good tutorial on how to create a basic bra and panty lingerie set.
  4. Making High Heels - Very to the point tutorial on how to create high heels. The product you create in this tutorial, is very basic, but a great foundation for better products later.

Sculpted Prims

  1. How To Make Sculpted Prims with Bender - Shows you how to make a sculptie vase.


  1. Configuring the MLP - Because I'm a moron, sometimes I need help with idiotic things. This site explains how to configure the multi-love-pose script into a creation that fits your needs.
  2. Hair Editing 101: The Ultimate Salon Guide for Beginners - Have a problem with a hair you purchased? Check out this article before you throw it out.
  3. Putting Together a Modeling Photo - Tutorial on how to put together a photo for a modeling portfolio.
  4. The ZHAO Guide - This is a tutorial on how to add animations into the ZHAO. (Links to a PDF file)
  5. Creating Movies in SL - Its probably easier than you think.
  6. Creating Prim Hair - Ok, so the title of it is Hair Building Tips, but its pretty much a tutorial making your basic prim hair. I haven't tried out this tutorial yet, but it seems pretty easy to follow, from what I've read. Oh, and the hair that the tutorial creates is absolutely adorable~


  1. Creating a Clothing Texture - Simple clothing texture that only takes seconds to make.
  2. Ice Texture - How to creating a interesting ice texture from scratch.
  3. Depth Trick for Flooring - A really quick way to create a cool depth look to your Second Life floors.
  4. Making Tileable Textures - Easy way to creating the smooth tiling textures you see all over the grid.